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Allen's Auto Rebuilders, Crawfordville, FL

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Bub and Janice Allen Owners                                                           Visited  Jan. 16, 2004

Janice being a Georgia Girl, and Bub Allen born and raise in the Crawfordville area, gave them a great advantage when they both got married in 1968 and started making their living in this area. Bub spent some time working with Waldo McGuffey’s Auto Salvage in Tallahassee before opening their own place in February 1988 at their present location. Knowing most all the people in the area and if you didn’t know them they knew you from some blood relative down the line. Bub and Janice saw the need to get some of the junk cars and trucks off the road and off people’s property and being a service to the area. With a lot of legwork and steady pushing an auto salvage yard was started. Allen’s had one of the first rollbacks in their county for hauling and running their wrecker service.

Coming from the east it is only 5 miles from Wakulla Station at 4 points. This yard is about 13 acres with most of the old cars in the front left side of yard. Following the first road on the left side of office you will come across a couple of 55 Chevy’s cut in parts before coming up on some more 55 and 57 Chevy’s in the tree line. From there walk slowly deeper in the area and the mustang, early 53 DeSoto, Studebaker and mixed cars from GM and Mopar. Heading to the back of the yard you will see a nice collection of Buick’s from 59 to 63 and couple of convertibles. One 1954 Ford with a 53 Ford front end, couple of 57 Fords, Cougars, 49—50 Chevrolet’s, Jeep’s, Corvair’s, 63 Impala’s and an about 46/48 Plymouth coupe all complete. The Buick’s are complete with a lot to work with. If you are a Ford person this is not the best work yard for the old cars, but has one of the larger collections of truck and van parts in this area. The people are nice and easy to talk to and welcome you to the yard. Just stop in the office for permission to walk the yard and check back with them before leaving. This will be a good stop if you have the time or need late model truck parts.