Adventures of Junkyard Dog & Fluffy

Lamar at DeFuniak Springs

Junkyard Dog and Fluffy went west again. This time, a long way off. Almost lost the trail in the big town of Freeport. We sniffed on down toward the Gulf and found the mini-warehouses that we were looking for. The lady was already there and waiting for us. We were almost 45 min. ahead of our appointment.
There setting in this small square was a 1983 DeLorean. Say what? That’s right. Junkyard dog is there to appraise this thing. It was found to be a very nice low mileage car with very few flaws. Only thing was it had fuel injector problems – most likely from setting up so long. While there, we met Rowdy Yates. No, not the one that Clint Eastwood played long ago in “Rawhide” on the old black & white TV set. Yates says to us, do ya’ll like old cars? Yes, yes, yes, yes, we do. Well, go back to Defuniak Springs, turn right on Hwy 90 there are some nice cars on your left.
This is where Fluffy is going to get it one of these days. This guy comes out of the shop. Fluffy says, “I heard there were some nice old cars around here. Do you know where they are?” That’s how we found Lamar. He is the owner of that there body shop. Yes, I meant to say it that way. On hand we saw a 1957 4-door Oldsmobile. A 1954 2-door Chevy 210, a 1965 Thunderbird. Behind the shop it must have been 50 or more cars and trucks that would need complete restoration. Inside we found two 1936 fords that were being worked; also a 1968 Mustang. Lamar was a great guy and gave us the run of the place. We always enjoy sniffing these things out. Happy sniffing to everyone.