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Phil Bates Auto Wrecking - New Kent, VA

Philbates Auto Wrecking, Inc
Highway 249, P.O. Box 28
New Kent, VA 23124

Date visited Feb. 2003. & Feb 2004
Opens 9am –5pm Monday to Friday and half day Saturday year round

This is one very fine yard. Established in 1955 and it looks like some of the first cars may still be there. George Philbates and his wife Becky will make you feel right at home. Good southern hospitality is available if you follow some basic rules. When visiting stop at the office first and check in and let them know what type of car or parts you are looking for and check with them before removing part from car and yard. My first visit was in 1981 and I have revisited a number of times even this past year. You have 100 areas of wooded rolling land that supports over 8,000 cars and one large lake that has cars on the other side which you can not see. Some unusual models still lay around corner and on top of other cars. 1954 Sun Valley Mercury, 1950 Buick Hardtop, Henry J and a lot of 50’s and 60’s. Very good selection of Mopar and early musclecars. On my first visit a lot more 40’s and 50’s with convertibles in the hundreds. Now I still found a lot of convertibles with top iron still in place but not the high volume. George will ship parts anywhere and has a good memory of his inventory in his head. Has a good staff of parts pullers and yard management. They were very helpful for me, getting some old DeSoto parts and knew about every car on the yard. Prices are fair for the service you get and George will work with anyone interested in old cars. One thing I almost forgot, he has one of the best hub cap collection I have seen with some very rare caps. Mercury, Buick and Dodge spinners from the 50’s. The yard is about 3 miles off I-64 and ½ mile west on Route 33. If you are ever in this area you need to stop in!

junk yard 3
junk yard 4
junk yard 6

UPDATE: Feb. 2004
Another item he has added to his business is a large collection of real glass tail light lens going back to the 20’s on some makes but a good selection of 40’s to 70s still in original boxes.

Junk yard 1
Junk yard 5
Junk yard 2